Djuma Soundsystem

Djuma Soundsystem is Norweigan Production duo Lars Bjarno Jensen & Mikkas Skulstad.

In 2003, in the midst of all the ethnic inspired cliche' Ibiza compilations and all the afro-house, Mikkas and Lars B sat down and asked themselves this question: “is it not possible to make something less cheesy that still works on the dancefloor?” The result they came up with was ‘Les Djinns’ (the Trentemoller remix features on Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions 9 and Ministry of Sound Mashed 4), and Djuma Soundsystem was born.

‘Les Djinns’ is a mix of lush arabic drumming and house, with a sweet light and melancholic melody thrown in for good measure. The result is a catchy tune that is impossible to put down as just one genre.

The single has appeared on over 50 dance compilations worldwide, been in the box of almost every big name DJ on the planet, was chosen as Pete Tong’s ‘Essential Tune’ on BBC Radio 1 and is the most downloaded single ever on the world’s #1 online DJ site Beatport.