In January 2007, three friends Chris Tranter, Kate Roberts and Jess Hopcraft got together to muck around and record a few acapella lines about body odour and excessive perspiration. The inspiration being a comment by Chris’ Mum, asking him why he always came home dripping wet with sweat and smelling worse then a British backpacker. This recording was later taken by well-known producer and good friend, Ben Plant a.k.a Miami Horror, who added some retro beats giving birth to the psychedelic disco track ‘Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp’.

Since then, the four-piece disco/rap crew released two more tracks, ‘Fruit Salad’ (which features on Ministry of Sound Mashed 4) and ‘Pumps n Rumps’. The songs appear on their debut ‘Golden Ghetto Sex EP’ which sent the worldwide blog-o-sphere into an immediate frenzy, resulting in a worldwide demand for these young Australian artists and a 2008 U.S and European tour.