Pomomofo formed in 2005 out of the bedroom recording studios of Mike Forward(Synths), Tim Mcdonald(Drums) and Nikos Andronicus(Guitar/Vocals). Starting out as producers of what they call “computer rock”, fusing the sounds of teen punk jams, PC speaker soundtracks and slamming techno raves, Pomomofo lie somewhere between the adolescent and the apocalyptic.

Their rise to fame begun when they went all the way to the finals of the 2005 Australian University band comp, leaving them at the other side with a hectic touring schedule and a growing fan base.

2006 saw the release of the debut self titled EP, featuring 5 tracks of trashy electro goodness, the EP sold out and gained the coveted Indie Album of the Week spot in Sydney Music magazine The Brag.

2007 was pretty much spent touring, playing festivals around the country, supporting acts like Cornelius, Midnight Juggernauts, The Presets and Sneaky Sound System and doing live performances on shows such as MTV’s ‘The Lair’.

Towards the end of 2007 a remix package was released of their track ‘Back at the Club’. Cicada, Beaufort and Boy 8-Bit doing the honours of reworking this club favourite, with the Boy 8-Bit remix featuring on the Kissy Sell Out mix on Ministry of Sound Mashed 4.