Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes are a Tropical hit-making trio that are based in LA but are taking the world by storm. With a great depth of talent, the Trio, Matthew Russell, Trevor Dahl and Kevin Ford have been making waves in the house music scene with their writing, singing, producing and performing abilities, earning them some pretty impressive accolades given how recently they've stepped onto the scene. With each member having deep and fairly different experiences as musicians before joining forces, the sound that Cheat Codes bring to the table blends their styles to create a unique tropical pop house kind of Vibe.

The Trio released their debut single back in the early months of 2015 with an electronic pop groove called "Visions", followed closely by singles "Adventure" & "Senses" which all earned them international exposure and credit. Since then, they have been consistently releasing singles, remixes and collaborations with equally successful degrees of success. The next of their big releases hit late in 2015 with a collaborative effort MOGUAI, together they made the poppy cheer called "Hold On".

Then early in 2016 the group teamed up with Kriss Kross Amsterdam to work up an appetite with the revival of the Salt n Pepa classic 'Let's Talk About Sex'. Originally a worldwide pop hit, the team creates a sultry, downtempo deep house tune with sweet R&B effects, made for those sweaty moments of the night. Already surpassing 86 million plays on Spotify, the track is already sitting in the top 15 of the Spotify Global chart and getting over 2 million plays a day!