Datarock are one of the many nu-breed Scandinavian bands, their blend of musical styles and famous red tracksuit attire winning them fans the world over. Datarock comprise of a trio of friends, Fredrik Saroea, Ketil Mosnes and Kevin O'Brien who conceived the group while at a festival in Bergen, O’Brien later left the band, but the duo of Saroea and Mosnes continued the project.

Citing their major artistic influences as Devo, Talking Heads and the Happy Mondays, the band has released three EPs and their debut album, Datarock Datarock, was released in 2005 in 10 countries on the band's own label, YAP (Young Aspiring Professionals), receiving favourable reviews.

They made an appearance in Australia's Triple J Hottest 100 with the single "Computer Camp Love" in 2005, placing at #12. This song also reached #88 on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Best Songs of 2007.

‘FaFaFa’(featured on the 2008 Ministry of Sound Annual), was the second single off the album. This track scored them an international sync with Coca-Cola, and introduced their music to a broader audience, with great results.