Faithless are an iconic British dance act comprising of Maxwell Frazer a.k.a Maxi Jazz (Vocals), Ayalah Bentovim a.k.a Sister Bliss (Piano/Saxophone/Bass/Producer) and Roland Armstrong a.k.a Rollo (Vocals/Producer/Front Man).

1996 saw the release of Faithless’ first album Reverence. The album featured a number of future classic singles, and has been hailed as one of the greatest dance albums ever produced. ‘Insomnia,’ the lead single off the album is one of dance music’s finest moments and was licensed to over 185 dance compilations worldwide (features on Ministry of Sound Classics), and ‘Salva Mea’, the second single off the album was licensed to over 80 compilations.

The second album from Faithless, Sunday 8PM, released in 1998, featured the singles ‘Bring Back My Family’, ‘Take The Long Way Home’ and the iconic single ‘God Is A DJ’ (which appeared on over 70 compilations wordwide).

On the group’s third album Outrospective (2001), guest vocalists such as Dido (‘One Step Too Far’), Zoe Johnston (‘Evergreen’, ‘Liontamer’ and ‘Crazy English Summer’ (which featuers on Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions 4) and Pauline Taylor (‘Muhammad Ali’) were used to good effect. The lead single off the album ‘We Come 1’ appeared on over 30 compilations.

No Roots, the bands fourth studio album reached #1 in the UK charts and featured the singles ‘Mass Destruction’, ‘Miss U Less, See U More’ (featuring Pauline Taylor) and ‘No Roots’ (featuring Dido & LSK).

Faithless’ fifth studio album To All New Arrivals featured guest vocalists on seven of the 11 tracks, most notably was the appearance of Cure front man Robert Smith on the single ‘Spiders, Crocodiles & Kryptonite’. Dido once again appeared for the band, recording vocals on ‘Last This Day’.