Joakim Bouaziz is a major figure in the French electronic music scene. Multi talented and well cultivated, he has released three audacious albums on Versatile Records, Tigersushi in 1999, Fantômes in 2003 and Monster & Silly Songs in 2007. Joakim is also the founder of the label Tigersushi Records.

Joakim Bouaziz has always been involved in music. He started learning piano at the age of six, from a master concertist. During his teenage years he discovers indie rock and labels such as Warp and Mo Wax. He discovers a passion for electronic sounds after a school buddy forgets a synthesizer in his room. Tigersushi released on Future Talk in 1999, a more experimental division of Versatile Records featured the single Rêve 1. The album won Joakim critical acclaim for his diversity and originality.

In 2001 Joakim starts his own label under the name of Tigersushi and releases projects by K.I.M., Panico, Principles of Geometry, Volga Select, as well as the famous compilations More God Dam Music (MGDM) & Kill the DJ (which was launched by Ivan Smagghe).

2003 is an important year for Joakim: his second album, Fantômes, is released and receives praise from both the press and the dancefloor, especially with tracks such as ‘Come Into My Kitchen’ (which features on Ministry of Sound Mashed 4) and ‘Are You Vegetarian?’ In the rest of the album, Joakim unveils a more intimate part of his musical background using sound textures reminiscent of 80s underground punk, electro pop, funk, and even mystical ambient.

Three years after Fantômes, and after three years of remixing some of the top international artists such as Tiga, Ivan Smagghe, Annie, Cut Copy, Tiefschwarz, Chateau Flight, Fisherspooner, DJ T, Air and Alter Ego (the Joakim remix of ‘Why Not?!’ features on Ministry of Sound Clubbers Guide to 2008), Joakim released his 2007 album Monsters & Silly Songs. The album featured the singles ‘I Wish You Were Gone’, ‘Lonely Hearts’ (the acapella features on Ministry of Sound Mashed 4) and ‘Drumtrax’. The album is thought out from a live performance perspective, which brings out the songwriter in Joakim more than the producer. This is an album in which he takes on not only his musical idea, but also takes care of the cover artwork.