Mr. Oizo

Mr. Oizo (pronounced Mister Wah-Zoh) is the pseudonym of French music producer Quentin Dupieux.

Dupieux is most famous for his electro track ‘Flat Beat’, which became a hit all across Europe in 1999 for being featured in a series of Levi's jeans TV advertisements. Dupieux also directed the ad, which featured a yellow puppet named Flat Eric nodding his head to the sound of the track while riding in a pickup truck. Flat Eric later appeared in the music video for ‘Flat Beat’.

Oizo released his first album in 1999, Analog Worms Attack, featuring a single of the same name and a single called ‘Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog’. In 2005, Oizo released his second album entitled Moustache (Half a Scissor), which featured the singles ‘Stunt’, ‘Moustache’ and ‘Half a Scissor’. Oizo released his ‘Nazis’ single in 2006, with a B-Side called ‘Half An Edit’ (which features on Ministry of Sound Mashed 4), in that year he also remixed tracks for Kavinsky and Jamelia.

2007 saw the release of Dupieux's first feature film, Steak. The soundtrack for the film was produced by Sebastian Tellier, SebastiAn and Oizo himself. Oizo also released his first EP on Ed Banger Records that year, which featured the tracks ‘Hello’, ‘Transexual’, ‘Ovoma’, ‘Patrick122’ and ‘Blind Concerto’. In 2007 Oizo also completed remixes for Cassius, Scissor Sisters and Calvin Harris.