Nôze are a duo of jazz influenced oddballs from France, storming clubs and leaving behind inspired crowds in their wake. Their live sets revive a long dormant aspect of techno. Nôze is made up of Nicolas Sfintescu (aka dj freak and founder member of Circus Company) and Ezechiel Pailhès. Both share hip hop and jazz roots and they let these flow spontaneously and ingeniously into their techno tunes.

Nôze have released three studio albums since 2005, Craftsounds and Voices, How To Dance (2006) and Songs On The Rocks (2008).

The Songs On The Rocks album was released on the Berlin based heavyweight label Get Physical. The album contained the infectious piano laden track ‘Remember Love’ (which features on Ministry of Sound Mashed 4).

Support comes from all quarters, as you may expect: Luciano, Akufen, Ricardo Villalobos, DJ T, M.A.N.D.Y, Cosmo Vitelli, John Tejada and Herbert. Freak is an original hip-hopper - mr 1000 volt, a bulb without an expiry date, Ezechiel studied piano at the academy of music in paris.

Known for their raved up basslines and punk funk lyrics Nôze always provide incredibly reliable dancefloor material, no matter the environment.