Peter Gelderblom

After 20 years on the scene, and with well over 50 original productions and remixes to his credit, Peter Gelderblom is recognised as one of Germany’s most recognised DJ/Producers. In a career that has seen him work as a label manager, promoter, and own and operate his own record store, it is evident that Peter has been in a position to constantly research the dance market, mastering the key elements to make a successful career as a producer.

Peter has made music under a number of monikers, and has produced a variety of styles, but it was his Red Hot Chilli Peppers cover ‘Waiting 4’ (which features on over 30 dance compilations, including the Ministry of Sound 2008 Annual) that made the international dance scene stand up and take notice.

Peter has also remixed a variety of artists over the years, such as, Noir (his remix of “All About House Music’ features on the Ministry of Sound 2008 Annual), Ian Carey and Gold, Diaz & Young Rebels (his remix of ‘Don’t You Want Me’ features on the Ministry of Sound Electro House Sessions 2).