5 DJ/Production Hacks from Glover

If you've been following Glover for some time, then you would know two things: 1. He has an eye for finessing his tracks. 2. He loves sharing production hints and tips every to help fellow producers nail their production and mix down. Widely respected in his field as a DJ and Producer, Glover's advice is second-to-none as he provides hints and tips that are as accurate as they are relevant.

Glover's production track record speaks for itself with his most recent single 'Hold On' currently sitting at #2 on the ARIA Club Charts, which follows the success of his previous single 'Faces' which topped the chart earlier in the year at #1. Now with the release of Clubbers Guide to Spring 2015, we've acquired the help of Glover to share some hints and tips to upcoming DJs and Producers .


If you're just beginning or looking for a way to get into producing music, mashups are a good place to start. You can learn the basics of whatever program you choose (Ableton, Logic, Cubase, Fruity Loops etc.) and then once you're confident you can start incorporating the use of EQ, Filter, Delay and Echo into them. Most importantly you will learn how to control all of these things through the use of Automation.
Also if you're a DJ, mashups can help make your set more unique, as you can play something that only you have.


Every producer works differently, I usually like to start by working on the chords. If you can come up with a decent chord progression, you then have a solid foundation to build the rest of the track on. From here you can write a baseline, lead melody, drop melody and (if you decide to work with vocals) a top line, all referencing the chord progression. NOTE This won't guarantee you a number 1 hit or anything like that, but it will make it sound more melodic and hopefully stand out!


If you're looking for a way to improve your sets / mixes / bootlegs etc mixing harmonically can be a good place to start. There is an awesome program called 'Mixed in Key' that can tell you the key and bpm of a song. If you're making a mashup, you can use this to make sure the songs you are 'mashing' fit harmonically (there is NOTHING worse than hearing out of key bootleg!). If you're making a mix, you can use Mixed in Key to help choose your tunes and program the mix knowing it will all flow harmonically. Also if you're a producer and you're not sure what key that song you want to remix is in, Mixed in Key can help you with that too.


If you've spent days, weeks or even months working on something, you can really benefit from having someone else listen in. They are hearing it with a 'fresh pair of ears' so to speak and maybe able to give you some feedback that will help you get your track closer to being finished. It's important that a) you obviously value their opinion & b) they aren't afraid to be honest with you, as there is no point in getting feedback from someone who is always going to praise your work (regardless of if its good or not). I usually send to a bunch of people, all with different tastes in music and if the majority give it the thumbs down then I know it's time to start on something new. But, if they all think it's strong then I know I'm onto something and will keep working on it.


If you're new to djing or just starting out, being versatile is 100% going to work in your favour and help get you more work. If you can play music that suits various set times / venues / crowds etc then you're going to be way more appealing to a promoter then some kid who can only play 60mins of bangers. Getting experience playing in front of crowds is vital when starting out. You can be picky and only do the gigs that allow you to play this style or that style if you want, but unless you're making music or have a massive following you probably won't get asked for many of those. Once you have built up a bit of a following you can start shaping your musical identity a bit more. Or If you're making music, once you have a few releases under your belt, people will know what to expect if they come to one of your shows.

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