5 Launchpad Artists You Should Know

Blurring the lines between live music performance & electronic music performance, the 'Launchpad' is a nifty piece of tech that allows music producers to be able to essentially assign different sound clips - whether it be drum snares, vocal samples or synth sounds - to different buttons on a button pad 8 by 8 button pad. It's such a simple concept, yet it has been the number one instrument for many music producers around the world, as it allows them to piece together a whole bunch of different samples in one song while keeping the process fun as they can instantaneously play around with many different combinations. It also challenges users as though they were playing a video game, as it is done on the fly, and they can't simply go back and tweak the sequence without needing to start the whole process over again. Creators often post up videos that feature the songs that they create as well as videos of them playing the launchpad, which adds to the performance as a whole. Having seen the results that artists have gotten from tireless practicing, the Launchpad is a pretty sweet & extremely versatile instrument that artists have created entire careers out of.

Many have tried to master the Launchpad, but few have stood above the rest, so here are 5 Launchpad artists that we think you should know:

Shawn Wasabi

Shawn Wasabi is a launchpad artist that has been absolutely crushing it on Facebook & YouTube of the past fews, with multiple viral videos. With 5 of his mashups on YouTube reaching over a million views, Shawn's unique style & sound has gained him a cult following. Shawn's unique sound includes a range of Jersey Club, Pop and Trap inspired samples, creating upbeat, rapid fire, pop bangers that are made all the more exciting by his lightning fast launchpad hands, and the light show that the his launchpad also provides. His most popular track Marble Soda features a crazy 153 sounds/samples, showcasing Shawn's impressive talent with this versatile instrument.

Arcane Echo

Arcane Echo is a relatively new dude in the scene who's become very well known for his huge heavy trap remixes, his biggest being flips of tracks Work by Rihanna and Sorry by Justin Beiber. Arcane's own productions are usually pretty huge, and his Launchpad flips are no different, providing listeners with familiar pop tune buildups before completely tearing them in half with dancefloor ready bass & trap drops. Arcane seems to have found the winning formula with his last two launchpad flips alone getting 5 million views on facebook, and it doesn't seem like his viral reign will be slowing down any time soon. Imagine seeing a live launchpad performance at one of his club shows!!


You can't have a launchpad list without the kid who owned it. From newcomer to OG; Madeon was one of the first to hit the big time with his classic Launchpad mashup called 'Pop Culture' that managed to amass a huge 35 million views on YouTube since its birth in 2011. The mashup featured samples from 39 of Madeon's favourite pop tracks at the time along with an up-beat electro-pop flavour stringing them together, which now serves as some what of an anthem of the popular songs at its time. Given that it wasn't something that anyone had seen much of before, the mash up song itself, as well as his live performing impressed all who watched the original vid, which ended up launching his career as a electronic music producer.


Arguably one of the biggest artists in the game, M4SONIC has managed to reach over 70 million YouTube views. M4SONIC offers something for everyone, as he manages to cover many electronic subgenre's in his launchpad performances, from dubstep to big room house and even progressive house. M4SONIC's biggest tracks came in his early launchpad days, his track Weapon, that has scored a massive 37 million views on YouTube, features samples mostly from Skrillex & Knife Party tracks, and is a massive brostep mashup. On the other hand his second biggest tune (17 million views), Virus, is an original of his, and features choppy house synths and percussion that is of mainstage festival proportions. There's no doubt that M4SONIC is a versatile dude that pleases almost all fans of the broad EDM genre, which is likely to be why he is so damn popular!


From packed out festival main stage gigs to solo launchpad freestyle recordings, Future house DJ/Producer and launchpad master, Throttle, has the best of both worlds. With collaborations with some of house's biggest names - like Oliver Heldens - Throttle knows a thing or two about creating dancefloor bangers, and his approach to his launchpad productions is no different. Throttle's launchpad creations feature a bunch of pop music samples, along side a flurry of heavy drop samples by artists like Skrillex & Knife Party. Every artist has a different approach when it comes to their launchpad, in one of Throttle's biggest tracks, What's That Sound he combines his launchpad playing with an electric keyboard - which gives him the opportunity to create a whole range of sounds and sound patterns. Throttle manages to kill it with his productions, his live gigs and with his launchpad performances, which is why he makes our list.

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