5 things about Anna Lunoe

Meet Anna Lunoe (pronounced Loo-No) from Sydney, Australia.  Yes, she’s beautiful, which could be attributed to her exotic genes – a dab of Danish and a sprinkle of Lebanese.  Yes, she’s talented and has toured all over the world and even lived in New York City for a while.  But that’s the easy stuff.  Here are five things you probably didn’t know about fantastic artist, Anna Lunoe:

  1. She knows every single word to every single song she plays... seriously.
  2. She’s got an eclectic taste in music – “At the moment I am listening to a lot of tropical house & jungle beat, artists like Douster, Mumdance, and Solo”
  3. She was once in a Grinspoon film clip!
  4. She’s got battle scars from showing off - “I have a massive scar on my chin from a very bad spring board diving accident (I hit my head on the board doing an inward 1.5 summersault)”
  5. She’s had a few aliases - “When i was little i wore so much fluro that people called me AnnaFluro, which was my first DJ name”

That should be enough to whet your pallette.  Want more?  Check her out on facebook, the Clubbers Guide to 2010 CD [available on iTunes], and the subsequent Clubbers Guide to 2010 Tour. She’ll be playing stuff like this: