5 things about The Only

The Only, in addition to being opinionated, mouthy and ego fuelled, has also managed to record some tracks, develop and tour a live show and for the most part maintain their secret identities.

In just 12 months The Only has released debut single ‘Dancin’ on Hussle / Ministry of Sound which was a ARIA Club Chart Top 20 record that spent 10+ weeks in the Top 50. On top of that, The Only became so bored of lazy dance music performers that they have developed two shows to take on the road:

Club Mode is an audio visual experience incorporating a live approach to the art of DJing with custom visuals.

Festival Mode adds a 3rd member to the show, but not as you’d expect. Using technology not ever before used in Australia, The Only introduces a virtual singer that fronts the band like never seen before. We were fortunate enough to sit down and ask them a few things:

What are you listening to these days?
Too much of our own stuff .. on loop.. currently spending a crazy amount of time in the studio. Between our new mix CD for MOS, new single for Hussle and remixing the next Micky Slim single we’ve only been listening to our own sh*t lately. For a breather... the choice is usually an ugly combination of post-youth punk rock and cheap brit pop.

Which are your favourite venues on earth to party at?
Our sound is stadium electro, so we are all about big big parties - warehouses, festivals, lasers. For clubs its low ceilings & dark rooms all the way. Berlin’s Berghein is pretty crazy… Talking Oz, it’s all about places like Chinese Laundry, Ambar – places you can get lost in. 

When did you get started in this whole DJ biz?  Who were your influences growing up?
We're not in the DJ biz – we’ll leave that for the posers. We don’t even consider ourselves in the music biz – not our scene. We write records and we play parties, just as we’ve always done. The parties are just bigger now and the studio gear is worth more. We take our influences to dinner in the next question.  

If you could go to dinner with a few artists in the music biz, who would they be?
Marilyn Manson, Jarvis Cocker & us. Hopefully Marilyn would bring Winnie Cooper with him and we could talk about his missing ribs. Jarvis is just a total rock star so he doesn’t even need to bring anyone.

Tell us something people might not know about you both?
The Only was given birth to by a Vegas stripper. We met at a titty bar in Vegas sitting next to a rambling stripper who we recorded and used in our first track. Viva Las Vegas muther f*ckers!

There you have it. Want more? Obviously! Here they are on facebook & myspace, and also check out some live footage of The Only playing their MASSIVE track, 'The Only F*cking Rave Party' which is featured on Electro House Sessions 3: