5 things about Sam La More

Meet 34-year-old Sam La More from Sydney, Australia.  This pretty-boy has been around the block once or twice, working in major clubs in LA, London, and almost every other big dot you can point to on a map.  He’s worked with superstars like Gwen Stefani, Nelly Furtado, Robbie Williams, Empire of the Sun and heaps more.  Partnered up with his little brother Nick, the duo proved to be a very explosive combination. He’s playing at Big Day Out this weekend, as you probably know.  But here are five things you probably weren’t aware of about fantastic artist, Sam La More:

  1. He listens to a lot of 80s Italo disco, chill-out and ambient music.
  2. He doesn’t go out in Sydney… but  secretly wishes he were cool enough to get into StarFuckers
  3. He never wanted to be a DJ! He always wanted to be a producer …but becoming a DJ is part of the package nowadays. He’s only been DJ’ing for about 3 years.
  4. He owes Calvin Harris a rather nice dinner.
  5. He is starting a new project in 2010 ….which you might see at a big festival next summer!

That should be enough to whet your pallette.  Want more?  Check him out on facebook + twitter.  Here is a radio edit of his chart-peaking mega-hit, “I Wish It Could Last,” which you can download on iTunes by clicking here, but check out the full stream below first.