70dB Noise Limit For UK Clubs

UK punters are getting knickers in knots over a proposed bill that would lower the sound limit within clubs to a mere 70dB (it's 65dB here in Australia as far as a very brief Google search can tell - we're happy to be corrected). Apparently noise levels at some parties in the UK were reaching up to 100dB which hearnet.com likens to standing in a factory, with pain happening at around 125dB.

As far as we know – not that far, admittedly – anything that makes your ears ring is destroying the function of those little hairs that enable you to actually hear, and apparently that's at 90dB, so as long as you stand away from that snare drum/speaker/jet engine you probably have no need to worry. Having said that, half of the MoS staff have industrial deafness, so it doesn't hurt to wear earplugs if you are a habitual noise maker or seeker.