Acaddamy Talks to Stoney Roads

As the Australian dance music scene continues with it’s inevitable growth on a global scale, we decided it’d be nice to hang out with one of the young new faces paving their way through the industry, to exchange words and talk music!

His parents call him Jordan, but he goes by the name Acaddamy, and he’s been seriously turning heads lately after releasing killer remixes of Rudimental’sBaby’, Danny T & Matt Sofo’sShake Yo Hands’ and more recently with Green Velvet’sEverybody Wants’ featuring Kids Sister. Lets not forget he is also diving head first into the diving into the production game, so keep your ears open for Acaddamy!

Joe: Keeping the first question pretty stock-standard, your name ‘Acaddamy’; where did this come from ? Is there story behind it? (feel free to make up some rambling and extravagant tale)
Acaddamy: I honestly can’t tell you where it came from but it’s a hell of a lot better than my last alias, ‘Sneaky Fingers’. I guess I just needed something a little bit more mature.

J: Do you categorize yourself under any particular genre amidst dance music or just roll with whatever you feel like?

A: I’m not too sure really. Obviously I would fit in the ‘house’ bracket, but to define my sound to one particular genre would be hard. At the end of the day I just aim to create music that gets people dancing, feeling good and having a good time.

J: Producing your own music and making a name for yourself in a hugely popular industry isn’t as easy as it reads; what particular aspects of a music producer do you believe make them stand out from the rest?

A: I think you’ve just got to be constantly pushing yourself and the boundaries, making what’s “popular” may work for some people but generally it’s those who are doing something left center that rise above the pack, Flume is a perfect example. The industry moves so quickly these days due to things like Facebook and Soundcloud it can be hard to keep up but if you’re constantly showing face and giving away the odd free tune you’re bound to stand out in one way or another.

J: You’ve been bumping out some killer remixes lately, gaining massive recognition in the dance music world after your remix of Rudimental’sBaby’ ft. MNEK. How did it feel to see your status as Dj and producer massively bump up after this?

A: The last couple of months have been pretty crazy and I never thought I’d get to where I am at the moment. It’s also incredibly rewarding to know that people around the world are connecting with music I’ve written.

J: It goes without saying that this is a good time for Australian dance music- Just last month Flume took to his facebook page to publicly recognize some of the huge talent we have coming up- How do you think we fair in comparison to the international scene?

A: Australia has already made a huge stamp on the international scene of late, with the likes of Motez, Rufus, Ta-Ku & Wave Racer (just to name a few) taking over. There are so many great things happening right now in Australia musically and I think we are well on the way to becoming a real dominate force in dance music globally.

J: You recently said the genre deep house has been thrown around a lot these days; can you elaborate your opinion on the topic ?

A: The status was more of a general statement and not aimed at anyone in particular. I think there just seems to be a little bit of confusion lately with putting certain styles into genre specific categories, it’s not just “deep house”. Take a look at beatport for example, I couldn’t even tell you what half the genres in there are or relate too.

J: It’s pretty fair to say the trending sound in dance music is of a deeper nature at the moment. If you could have a stab at the next popular sound, what would it be and why?

A: Big room deep house! – It’s a fusion of all things current right now put into one. Take a look at the track ‘Black December’ by Bixel Boys, that’s a perfect example.

J: You dropped a tasty track preview via your Soundcloud account last week which got some heads turning, so what does Acaddamy have coming up next?

A: I’m currently trying to focus on getting a few new originals finished as well as the odd remix in between. I’ve also recently just signed to etcetc music and had my remix of Green Velvet made official which will be released alongside ‘Gave Up’, apart from that just playing shows as much as possible.

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Acaddamy's debut EP comes out November 29. Check out the preview below.