Arkon Fly - Through The Fire

London duo Arkon Fly are blending genres, soul-washed house outbreaks completing the equation. Multi-instrumentalists, writers, producers and vocalists, Big Jam and Bixby aka Arkon Fly will release their debut heaters this spring accompanied by a striking live show.

"When we met we clicked because we're very similar when it comes to our super powers. We're basically superheroes who do everything ourselves. From the sax and triangle to the vocals, it's all us..."

Already garnering the attention of critics, 'Through The Fire' brings a soul and blues inflicted vocal hook with a deep funky house beat, melodic synth stabs and is accompanied by a suitably heady video. 'Backseat', an early demo of which received the seal of approval from new disco-don Skream, is a Prince-nodding funk extravaganza with hooky falsetto chorus and jacking synth bass.

With Arkon Fly having inked a deal with the now-resurrected Locked On label, they're already on the lips of Mixmag and the upfront blogging crew.

Expect plenty of big riddims - and superhero action - in 2014 - video below.

Download 'Through The Fire' here.