Artist Riders Not Getting Wasted

Making sure nothing on an artist rider goes to waste, US company Rock and Wrap It Up has started an initiative where they get artists to specify all untouched food from the rider (that's the long, often indulgent list of 'must-haves' requested by the band/DJ/artist) gets sent to the homeless and hungry. Thus far, artists like The Rolling Stones, The Black Crows and Christina Aguilera all participate simply by stating on their rider: “All edible leftover food to go to local soup kitchens or shelters and Rock and Wrap it Up! will arrange for the recovery.”

Not that DJs in Australia are known for having long, ridiculous riders, but MoS has seen plenty of food backstage at events and PR functions go to waste - wouldn't it be nice if someone started something similar here in Oz, since we are such giving, thoughtful people.

The site for Rock and Wrap it Up