Behind The Scenes: Maximum Bass Film Shoot With Brooke Evers

It's not every day you get to go behind the scenes into a film shoot with one of Australia's favourite DJ/Model/Insta-babe/Entrepreneurs Brooke Evers, so to celebrate the release of Maximum Bass: Unleashed, we asked Brooke to keep a film shoot diary handy. Filmed by the legends at Joker_Theory, we spent a day out at Garage 88 in Eastern Creek, Sydney with a massive production crew and hundreds of models, extras and speed machines.

Come behind the scenes as we take a look at what goes on at a Ministry of Sound video shoot with Brooke Evers.

Take it away Brooke!!

Kicking off the day with some chats on how to not get me killed between these two hot cars.

Here's a shot of the crew and I checking out the first take from the shoot. At this point I was asking Chris (Marketing) if there's going to be a filter on the final clip?

This is my "Do we have to do this again?" face. Cisco (Director) taught me some sexy choreography and I nailed it.

A shot from the end of the day where I was just filming some extra content. I was trying give my sexy, mysterious face whilst trying to get in and out of the car. It wasn't easy.

At this point I'd had too many lollies and couldn't sit still for five minutes.

Everyone has to end the day with a selfie.

On behalf of Ministry of Sound, we'd love to thank everyone who was involved. Here is the finished product

Maximum Bass is out now on iTunes

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