The best things about Spring with Anna Lunoe

So, let's get down to it. Apart from being one of the hottest musical assets in Australia right now, how did you find Mixing the Clubbers Guide to Spring 2010 compilation? Have a heap of fun mixing it? Feel any different from your first Clubbers Guide Compilation?

Yeah, going into it this time I had the advantage of knowing the process a bit better. I had a few little tricks up my sleeve technically and time managed a bit better, although I still seemed to be working on it right up until the last second!

Run us through your Disc...

This disc starts of with an infectious house jam from a new name in dance music - Carte Blanche which is the project of Ed Banger's Mehdi & British producer, Riton. Next up, Renaissance Man, Teki Latex, Martin Brothers & Nouveau Yorican lead the charge of young innovative dance music producers who are trailblazing fresh sounds. Repping the Sydney massive we have Flight Facilities, Hook N Sling, Yolanda Be Cool (who give Dennis Ferrer a massive reworking) & Toni Toni Lee. And last but not least, the hard hitting big names!! Soulwax, Lcd Soundsystem, Crookers, Bingo Players and lots more juicy juicy jams from artists who you might not have heard of just yet, but i'm sure you will love!

Sounds amazing! So Spring... It's almost here... excited much?

Oh man, its been one long cold winter, I am ready for one serious thawing out. I have been overseas for the majority of the last 2 winters so I really felt it this year and I plan on making the most of the warmer days!

Finally, what's you're favourite thing about spring?

The first warm winds, the sunny afternoons, the longer days, the fact that beach time is just around the corner- whats not to love? But if i have to chose one favorite thing, lets go with the first time you take off your jacket and feel the sun on your arms.

Clubbers Guide to Spring 2010, out nationally August 27th.