Bondi Hipsters Debut (NSFW) 'Hipsta' Video, totes collab with Timmy Trumpet

Having reached the top 20 on the iTunes chart as an instrumental club banger, 'Hipsta' has been given the Bondi Hipsters treatment, taking Timmy Trumpet and Chardy's track to a whole other level. 'Hipsta' is a jab at all the ball-ache hipsters who pillage Wi-Fi from their local cafe, but won't order a coffee. The guys who work every Saturday at a retail store, but whose day is ruined if, god forbid, they have to serve an actual customer. The guys who dump pingers and snort bags all weekend, only to spend the following week doing colonics and telling everyone in ear shot how much more energy they have since omitting gluten and dairy from their diets.

The music video is a Hipstapocalypse; the ultimate revenge on hipsters. We follow what would be any average Saturday in the life of Dom and Adrian, only that on this particular day we give satisfaction to the everyman, as a hipster-burdened cafe waiter and nightclub DJ proceed to slap the shit out of the Bondi Hipsters, on behalf of the rest of the world.

This video is for everyone who's ever been at the wrong end of jerky hipster attitude, that forever-judging thousand-yard stare, the gluten-free bragging, and for every normal human being who has been a customer feeling like they are asking a huge favour of a trendy store clerk by simply asking them to do their job.

Dom and Adrian explain their creative thought process behind their collab:

This is less of a traditional music release and more of a performance art piece. It was the only way we could express ourselves artistically within the context of the modern capitalist media, through one of the Illuminati-controlled record labels. – Adrian

Selling a million copies will or won't be part of our artistic exploration, depending on the outcome of this track, but we're hoping to explore what our lives would be like if we were millionaires…for the sake of art. – Dom

We've spent the last 10 years exploring what it feels like to be getting fisted five ways by the property and finance markets, so we may as well see what the inverse feels like. – Adrian

Yeah… we wanna do a pile of coke and f*ck a bunch of strangers for the sake of art.Dom

There are secondary layers of art within the art, so to speak. We think it's artistically ironic that underground MCs like us have chosen to feature on a track with Timmy Trumpet & Chardy - who are Ibiza-loving, festival-fingering, gabber-loving, EDM heads. – Adrian

P.S. We're still waiting for our invitation into the Illuminati, so… whenever you're ready. Hit us up. – Dom

Get the track on iTunes here and listen on Spotify here.