We Spoke To Brooke Evers About Her Schoolies Experience

Remember Schoolies? The time of your life when you finished school and literally had nothing to worry about in the world, besides how you were going to celebrate it. With Schoolies once again just around the corner, we spoke to a few of our favourite artists who are all performing at Schoolies Nation festival in Surfers Paradise to chat about their experience at Schoolies and what they will be up to this year. First up, we caught DJ/Producer/Model and all round Insta-babe Brooke Evers on her busy touring schedule to talk Schoolies 2015!

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Did you go to Schoolies? What were you favourite memories from your schoolies trip?

I celebrated my schoolies in Surfers Paradise and I had the greatest week that I will remember forever. The best part was just spending a week with my best friends, away from any parents and just enjoying the beach parties.

Do you have any crazy party stories to share with us?

I remember one incident where my girlfriend was dancing on a table in one of our apartments and she completely fell through it. In the end she had to pay for it but it was hilarious at the time.

What is your #1 tip for safe partying?

Probably the biggest issue I had during my schoolies was losing my friends and walking back to my apartment alone. I suggest to schoolies this year to always stick together and look out for one another.

Tell us one fact about yourself that your fans probably don't know.

A couple of facts that my fans don't know would be that I'm really good at jump rope or skipping. I competed in competitions when I was in high school and I haven't really lost the skill. Another fun fact about me is my obsession with mayonnaise, I put it on everything I eat. I blame my dutch parents for this addiction.

Where will we find you? Wet N' Wild, Movie World, Dreamworld or White Water World?

November is really hot here on the Gold Coast so you will see me in a bikini at Wet n Wild.

How has your view of 'life after school' changed, since you finished school?

Everthing you expected after you finish school will change. You think you know what you're doing but somewhere along the line it'll change. I wanted to be a presenter so I did a journalism degree at Griffith University but then I started working in the nightclub industry which then led to Djing. You just never know what's around the corner as the years go on.

If you were to go back to schoolies today, what is the ONE thing you would do?

I would take 1000s more photos and video. At my ten year high school reunion it was really hard to find great photos so make sure you document everything.

And if you were to go back to 17/18 year old you at schoolies, what is the one thing you wouldn't do?

I wouldn't wear 90% of the clothing I did.


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