BT plans iPhone App.

He's known as the original bringer of trance and BT is now about to translate this to an iPhone app. Timing it with the release of latest album Rose of Jericho, the app is to be made by Sonik Architects, BTs own software company (because what discerning DJ doesn't have their own software company!). Called Sonifi, the app will allow users to remix both audio and video on their iPhones, adding a bunch of different effects in the process. It will also let users connect two iPhones and remix as a team.
In his own words: "The world's first portable remix application for a mobile device, Sonifi™ will be shipped this month. It contains ALL the remix parts of The Rose of Jericho and a special bonus acoustic mix of the track for you to remix your ass off with... and quite simply is the coolest Fing thing you’ve EVER seen on an iPhone."