Calvin Harris On The Future Of Dance

The Scottish singer/producer/all-round genre superstar recently gave an interview in which he gave some of his insights into the present state of dance music. Said Harris: "In commercial terms, there is not enough dance music to maintain any sort of scene of any value or worth." He added that he thinks the high-profile dance music artists should keep producing tracks to keep the scene alive, rather than limit their output solely to DJing.

"Too many of them make a few big tunes then settle into a DJing thing," he says. "It's not like they should feel obliged to make songs. But you've got to have these tunes to keep the underground music alive as well. Commercial dance music is a gateway for people to get into dance music they wouldn't hear on commercial radio."

So, if you're still not sure you want to produce dance music, we say DO IT! Keep the scene alive and flourishing and send your favourite radio station a message by bombarding them with requests for your favourite dance tracks.