Cash Crunch Hits Hip Hop

According to the Daily Star - the ultimate source of credible music news, in case you didn't know - hip hop artists like Wyclef Jean, Damon Dash and Scott Storch are having to surrender their luxury homes and lavish lifestyles as a result of the global economic crisis and increased music piracy. Instead of putting away 10 per cent of their income every pay day like Paul Clithero says, these artists spent too much money on frivolous things like partying (ahem) and now face losing some of their penthouses and sports cars. So, next time you feel compelled to whinge about seeing that 'insufficient funds' screen on the ATM, spare a thought for those who only have one luxury condo to go home to. At least your face won't be on a UK tabloid if you default on your rent.

The full article at the Daily Star