Claude VonStroke Reviewed!

Just in case you haven't seen InTheMix's review of Claude VonStroke's set at Home Terrace in Sydney, We've regurgitated it for you below! Also, if you'd like to see pictures from this event, check out the gallery.

"When it comes to enjoying a talent like Claude VonStroke, environment counts for a lot. After relishing his sessions under the copper ceiling at Mad Racket and in the close quarters of Chinese Laundry’s Cave, seeing the dirtybird boss in the sunshine is an appealing prospect. In town just months after his heaving Parklife closer, it was the smart thinking of local collective Top Notch to pick up the man for an extended afternoon set on the Home Terrace.

While the rest of Sydney descends on The Domain for Festival First Night, a throng of house-heads stream onto the Terrace for the headliner’s 4:30pm kick-off. It’s scorching. Sunlight streams through the thin, glass-walled room as CvS steps up, trademark white headphones in hand. Already there’s a heady feeling in the room: cheers, hands in the airs, a tight scrum around the bar. So begins over three hours of straight-up party.

After Parklife, I’d worried that one of my favourite DJs of years past was starting to lose me. Thankfully, today all the elements are right. The set begins in crowd-pleasing mode, with plenty of signature dirtybird funk and a rammed dancefloor. Already well-lubricated punters mill around the DJ booth on raised platforms, with one particularly ‘enthusiastic’ young lady providing intermittent entertainment. From the get-go, CvS appears to be having a ball himself, despite playing in the full glare of the summer sun.

As the afternoon rolls on, the Terrace swells and thins at various points, but the man up front keeps it low-slung and groovy throughout. Bass-heavy tech-house is the order of the day, with the occasional nod to broken beats (unsurprising, given the drum ‘n bass influence in tracks like Aundy). Just before six, CvS drops some irresistible drums and the looseness kicks up a gear. The close succession of The Whistler and Deep Throatgalvanises the room again, as the set turns into deeper, percussive territory.

Various strange goings-on around the room keep CvS amused, and there’s no doubt he’s enjoying the slightly unhinged vibe. His final stretch is also the most fun, as he passes the three-hour mark and keeps on going. The set has found its groove; bumping between deep, dubby house and squelchier funk. Who’s Afraid Of Detroit? brings it to a peak as the colour fades out of the sky and cheers go up. MDX takes over with more techy business, but it seems like most of the party people need a moment to collapse.

It’s rare to see a DJ showcased like this in Sydney; with free rein over a room and allowed to play as long as they like. Top Notch secured a top-drawer talent, and gave him the environment he deserved. Shouldn’t it always be like that?"