dirtybird drops a 3-CD masterpiece!

dirtybird has always been synonymous with sweaty bass-lines, quirky ideas, and bumpin’ funk. This year is the label’s fifth anniversary, and to celebrate one of America’s quirkiest imprints we bring you five years of dirtybird.

This 3-CD set, contains over 50 tracks spanning five incredible years as well as giving us a taste of what’s to come...

Disc One: The Past- Includes all the greatest hits and most loved dirtybird tracks including everything from Claude VonStroke’s classic ‘Who’s Afraid of Detroit?’ to the Martin Brothers hyphy-house anthem, ‘Stoopit’.

Disc Two: The Present - Justin Martin, the man behind DB001 and one of the original founders of thedirtybird party represents the full catalogue with a superb DJ mix using bits, pieces, and parts from over 30 dirtybird classic and future tracks.

Disc Three: The Future - The man behind the label, Claude VonStroke spent almost a full year A&R-ing this CD filled with new classics and crazy cuts. Representing the future of the dirtybird sound, disc three further expands the label from SF to Europe, Canada and beyond.

Enjoy five years of dirtybird, as it was put together with much love from San Francisco and is officially out today.