DJ Goodwill interviews DJ Falcon ahead of Stereo

French born DJ Falcon is a God to house-heads the world over. He co-produced two of the biggest house records of all time with Thomas Bangalter, and co-wrote the closing song on the new Daft Punk album Random Access Memories.

It’s difficult to describe just how huge an impact ‘So Much Love To Give’ and ‘Together’ had on dance-floors when they were first released. They were sent out to DJs on white label vinyl the world over and we treasured them like gold. When they were eventually released in their distinctive Roulé sleeves, the hype for these tracks had reached fever pitch.

I caught up with DJ Falcon to chat about his amazing career and his upcoming tour with Stereosonic, surfing, production tips and how you can pay for everything with beer in Australia. Here’s how it went down:

You seem to love Australia. You have toured the clubs here, particularly the Prince in Melbourne a lot over the years. What is it about Australia that you love so much?

This year will be my 10th anniversary of touring Australia, spending summer here while it’s freezing cold in Europe. Surfing is another passion of mine and it’s also the reason I spend a lot of time in Australia. I really enjoy my time here and I think people can feel it.

What is your favourite beach in Australia to surf?

I enjoy spending time around Margaret River and Byron Bay.

Tell us the story about when your surfboard broke at Bondi and they fixed it in exchange for a case of Coopers beer?

I remember this day. It was an epic fiasco at Bondi. Two hundred beginner surfers from all over the world were sharing the waves with twenty ripping locals. At low tide a super radical wave met with a couple of ‘I have no idea what I am doing here’ people and it ended up a war zone! I knew something would happen, then bing bing ding on my brand new board. When I went back to the shop I guess they felt pity for me and just asked me for some beer to fix it. You can probably pay for everything with beer in Australia!

Who are you looking forward to seeing on the Stereosonic lineup?

Cajmere & Empire of the Sun.

You wrote ‘So Much Love to Give’ and ‘Together’ with Thomas from Daft Punk. These are arguably two of the biggest house records of all time. Did you have any idea that they were going to be so big?

Of course not, but I can tell you that we had so much fun in the studio. We spent hours doing silly dance moves and enjoying so much the process of making music that we knew somehow those tracks were special.

You have collaborated with Daft Punk on numerous occasions, your cousin is Alan Braxe, you used to skateboard with Busy P and your sister is Quartet. What is the big secret between so many of you being so talented?

I will post the big secret so stay tuned!

My favourite remix of yours is of Cassius – ‘La Mouche’. What is your favourite?

I enjoy the one I did for Justice ‘New Lands’ and the one I am working right now for Phoenix, ‘The Real Thing’.

You co-wrote the closing track on the new Daft Punk album. Can you tell us something about how the track was put together? The production is huge!

We did a demo version of this track about 10 years ago, and Thomas and Guy wanted to use this track for their project so we spent a few days in the studio and realised we needed a ‘space’ element. Later on, they had access to some recordings from a N.A.S.A mission and found the Gem! I don’t think people actually realise what the astronaut is saying!

What production advice have you got for any aspiring producers? 1 Make music for your girlfriend/boyfriend.
 2 Don’t try too hard to be cool.

What DJ gets you on the dancefloor every time? Alain Braxe, Cassius, Jaques lu cont, Brodinski & Kavinsky.

Via Goodwill for Pages Digital