DJ Hero: Reviewed!

Here at the Ministry of Sound offices, it's not a shock that a lot of us are aspiring DJs. Regardless of our talent (or lack thereof), all of us are music lovers. Enter DJ Hero.

While the Guitar Hero series is all about performing music, DJ Hero is all about perfecting it. Inside the box comes a turntable, the DJ's weapon of choice, and a game that packs more than 100 licensed songs into 93 tracks, harnessing the creative power of some of the world's top names in turntablism. So who can you expect to see in this game that we at Ministry of Sound can't stop playing? Try talent like Daft Punk, Eminem, Jay-Z, DJ Shadow, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Jazzy Jeff to name just a few. As a result, we get one of the most eclectic and unique playlists of any game on the market.

The Music: DJ Hero features 93 tracks that are completely original, yet immediately familiar. The original tracks employed by DJ Hero's various mix-masters are tunes that you'll enjoy and recognize straight away, which whets the palette with anticipation to see how they'll be remixed. Taste in music is a different from person to person, but no one can deny the brilliance of mixing together Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice, Baby" with MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This." This game is filled with clever combinations like this, to the point where you could easily have the game running on auto-pilot in the background at a party and no one would complain.

Easing Up: FreeStyleGames has done an excellent job of creating a game that is accessible to players of all skill levels. There are five different difficulty levels in the game, each ramping up the challenge level, adding in new game mechanics leading up to expert mode, where the game pulls out all of its tricks. Beginner mode has the player simply pressing any button, holding it down to scratch, while expert has you scratching to match directional arrows while crossfading like some sort of maniac. The difficulty range makes the game much more approachable to new players, while allowing more experienced players to show off their mad DJ skills.

DJ Style: The presentation is light on words and big on images, using a graffiti style to depict the options as you navigate through a simple sliding menu. The venues you perform in are vibrant and full of life, ensuring that onlookers have something to keep them occupied while you stare at the DJ highway. You unlock decks, headphones, and outfits as you progress through the game, as well as DJs, from original characters with their own fictional biographies to some of the biggest names ever to touch a turntable. Of course if you're like me, as soon as Daft Punk is unlocked you never go back. Overall, the game presents a rather well put-together package.

Party Play: As mentioned previous, DJ Hero's track listing is definitely party-worthy. For this, the game contains a Party Play option, which lets the player choose from a custom or premade playlist, which will run on its own with but a touch of a button.

Obviously, we're huge fans of this Activision title. Check out the trailer below, and The Official DJ Hero Website to download cool wallpapers (like this Daft Punk one that we like), and stay tuned to here and our facebook page to find out how you can win a copy from Ministry of Sound!