DJ Hero vs Scratch

It's bad enough putting up with real war, but now we've got computer games companies also at war and it's ruining it for everyone. Activision, who is making DJ Hero (the record-related offshoot of Guitar Hero) is being sued by Scratch: The Ultimate DJ Game for some kind of copyright infringement thing. What the companies don't seem to care about is that we just want A game - any game - where we can pretend to be superstar DJs and that this legal stuff is infringing on our right to have fun. Please big companies, just let us have our little DJ game, whatever it is! We are ready to bring back sloppy mixes and make trainwrecks in our own houses! If any of the MoS massive hears any updates on these forthcoming games, please enlighten the rest of us via ze commentz pleaze.

Or, on the other hand, are you completely disinterested in a computer simulation type game involving decks? And would you not care about it as you play real decks?