DJ Licences Proposed In Brazil

How much of this proposal will actually pass muster is debatable, but there is a suggestion that DJs in Brasil will be required by law to hold a license. The news piece with pros and cons is here , but MoS thinks it's more interesting to imagine a world where DJ licenses actually are compulsory.

So many questions: Must the photo on the actual card- assuming there is one - be tragic and awful as per drivers licenses and passports? Will there be a learner's permit where L-platers must clock up a certain number of record plays before they can progress to a P-plate? Are Learners only permitted to play chillout, with only the gold license holders able to up their BPM to happy hardcore levels? And, importantly, is there a points system where a trainwreck can cost a DJ points from their license? Something to think about when you have nothing else to do.