Draw a dirty bird, win a dirtybird!

To celebrate the brand new release and five-year anniversary of dirtybird, we're running a quick giveaway!

Here's what you can win:

-1 dirtybird T-shirt
-1 Signed Vinyl (Rocket Surgery, by The Martin Brothers)
-1 copy of 5 years of dirtybird compilation
-1 limited edition dirtybird poster

...and all you have to do is scribble in your clever interpretation of a dirty bird!

Check it out right here.

More info about what's on the compilation:

Disc One: The Past- Includes all the greatest hits and most loved dirtybird tracks including everything from Claude VonStroke's classic 'Who's Afraid of Detroit?' to the Martin Brothers hyphy-house anthem, 'Stoopit'.

Disc Two: The Present - Justin Martin, the man behind DB001 and one of the original founders of thedirtybird party represents the full catalogue with a superb DJ mix using bits, pieces, and parts from over 30 dirtybird classic and future tracks.

Disc Three: The Future - The man behind the label, Claude VonStroke spent almost a full year A&R-ing this CD filled with new classics and crazy cuts. Representing the future of the dirtybird sound, disc three further expands the label from SF to Europe, Canada and beyond.