Duke Dumont's Top 5 Travel Destinations

UK House hero Duke Dumont certainly knows a thing or two about travelling. Considering he has spent the better half of the year travelling around globe with his new live show and masterpiece 'Blasé Boys Club – Part 1' EP, we thought we'd ask him to share some travel destinations we should be hitting up on the asap.

Teaming up with Chillout Sessions XVIII, which features Duke's certified Platinum track 'Ocean Drive', Duke Dumont has shared with us some of his favourite destinations from around the globe. Take it from here Duke...

Dublin (Ireland)

I love Dublin, more for the people, than the actual place .. Friendliest people in the world, and i love the accent

London (UK)

Always will be my home .. I have a love/hate relationship with London, but I'm grateful to have grown up in one of the greatest cities in the world

Montreal (Canada)

Coolest city in N.America .. Very hipster, good restaurants, and some great music venues.

Santa Barbara (US)

My favourite place i have visited in California .. I can imagine retiring here one day.

Tokyo (Japan)

Im fascinated with the place, as it is so alien to me .. All the neon lights, eating live sea urchins, i love it.

Chillout Sessions XVIII is out now on iTunes

Duke Dumont's Blase Boys Club Part 1 EP is out now on iTunes.

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