IN FOCUS: Jesabel

Jesabel is on her highway to electronic success, striking from ear to ear and embracing a divergent sound with an ever-evolving talent. Drawing a bubble of inspiration from her offshore icons right through to Australia's local dance music premiers, the Sydney based lady behind those lashes- Jessica, is proposing the right route in the music industry taking electro and house beats with her.

Having been a reputable fixture in many clubs around the country, Jesabel has well and truly established herself as one of the Aussie DJs to keep an eye out for.

Supporting some of Australia's top Talent from Tigerlily to Uberjak'd and Will Sparks, her bass lines are on the haute list, spawning her sound overseas to Two Queens beach festival in Singapore where her musical selection has become infectious with over 8000 ragers.

Sharing her successes and savvy finesse, Jesabel has also been involved in the Down N Up program, enabling underprivileged youth to stand up and shine in the electronic music industry with DJ competitions to motivate the masses.

Aspiring to a solid stance in the studio and tapping into an electronic and vocal journey as one, Jesabel is ready to take full flight as she takes 2015 by storm.

Hey Jesabel, how long have you been DJing for? How did you first get into it?

I've been djing for around 3 years. A friend taught me how to DJ in the beginning. Initially when I started, it really was just a hobby and that's all I ever expected it to be. Then it kinda kept growing and that's when I thought that I could actually turn this into a career. Now, I have the best job in the world!

How about original productions? Have you been writing any music on the road?

I've been involved with music and playing various instruments since I was 8 years old, and writing is pretty much all I'm doing when I'm not on the road at the moment since I've graduated from uni. I'm working on some really awesome things at the moment which I can't wait to share, its not what you'd expect, watch this space!!

What was the first CD you ever bought?

Hmmmm, I would say Kylie Minogue - Light Years. I am a die-hard fan for that woman! Have every album haha

With so many gigs interstate, you've become a bit of a frequent flyer. What are your essential items for travelling?

Aside from the usual things you would need when travelling, I always have my laptop, paw paw ointment, perfume and phone charger! On long flights my neck pillow is a must, but above all else my headphones and USB's are the only thing I care about. Everything else I can do without.

What is your favourite club to play at?

This is an easy one. There honestly has been no greater feeling than the first time I played at Pacha Sydney. There is something so magical about that place. Even as a patron I am blown away every time. It is a privilege to be a resident there. In saying this, every club I play at has a uniqueness in there own way. There is something special and fun about all of them.

You played Stereosonic last year and Future Music earlier this year. What were your highlights?

Oh wow! I could name a few! But to be fair, being given the opportunity to play at those two festivals is a highlight in themselves. 12 months ago I did not see myself playing either of these so its been awesome. The highlight of every gig for me is when a random person, who you have never met comes up to you and says they loved your set and you did a great job. That is all the satisfaction I need. Djing is about the audience. In that moment making people dance and have a good time, is all I care about.

You're an instaqueen, are there any embarrassing DJ experiences you can share with us that haven't made it onto social media?

OMG, I'm sure there are. I played with lipstick on my cheek one time, after a friend of mine kissed me on the cheek wearing dark purple lipstick. Ummm, my false eyelash was half coming off one time. Oh and I always seem to get my hair caught in my headphones and can't get it out unless I yank half my head of hair out hahaha. That can get pretty awkward. But aside from that, I've been pretty lucky. Although, I probably just jinxed myself hahaha!

Are there any tracks in particular that you're smashing out at the moment?


1. Make It Clap (Original Mix) - Burns
2. On My Mind (Original Mix) - Don Diablo
3. Devotion (Original Mix) - Quintino
4. Hollow (Billy Kenny Remix) - Benson
5. Trouble (Original Mix) - Gregor Salto, MC Spyder, Wiwek

What's your favourite Ministry of Sound compilation?

That's easy! The Annual 2011 mixed my Hook n Sling and Tommy Trash.

That was the year of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Jackson's Last Stand (Hook n Sling Remix), Afrojack - Take Me Over, old school Avicii with My Feelings For You, Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand, Yolanda Be Cool & DCup - We Speak No Americano, Calvin Harris - You Used to Hold Me....I could go on for hours. This CD got me into dance music. I would sit at work when I was in retail and literally have this album on repeat. AMAZEBALLS!

Jesabel will be hitting the road with Glover on the Clubbers Guide to Spring tour from September to October 2015.