Format:B's Top 10 Club Tracks Right Now

German Tech-house duo Format:B have been playing out and producing records for over 10 years. Working the deep dark clubs of Berlin and slaying the underground realm of the tech-house scene, Format:B have built a cult following - with the underground act amassing over 200,000 Facebook followers (a huge feat for an underground act). Staying true to their tech dominant sound, 2015 saw the release of their European hit 'Chunky', which worked it's way from those very deep dark clubs of Berlin, and made it's way to the top of the UK charts, courtesy of a funky bassline, addictive lyrics and an unforgettable film clip.

We caught the duo behind Format:B to get some tech-house knowledge and see what they're playing in their sets right now.

Doorly – Ladies Night (Original Mix)

Sonny Wharton – I Believe (Original Mix)

David Penn, Rober Gaez – Non Stop Rockin'

Format:B – Chunky

Raumakustik – Panther (Format:B Remix)

Eats Everything feat. Tiga vs Audion – Dancing (Again!)

Format:B – Rocket Bunny

Man Without A Clue – Back 2 Da Old Skool

KI Creighton – Thunder

Dany Deep – Hudson Street