Free Tunes from Groove Armada

Joining the ranks of Radiohead and U2 and whoever else has done it (there’s a link below), Groove Armada are offering their new album up for nix. There are a few conditions, of course, offering something for free with no conditions would make the world collapse or something, so here are the rules:

  1. download first track for free
  2. share track with 20 friends (you can do this via Facebook widget) and get the second one free
  3. when the first track gets shared with 200 people you get track three
  4. for track four you need to have shared the first track 2000 times.

Seems like one of those pyramid schemes that sends rich people into exile into Majorca until they die of stress, or like it’s almost easier to buy the dang thing, but hey, first track is free for minimal effort, which you may feel is worth it. You only have 40 days to complete your sharing, as the album goes on sale on March 2.

Albums that are free to download list from Wikipedia