Get To Know Harlem vocalist FATHERDUDE

From collabs with some of the biggest names in electronic music, to a brand new EP (which is out now), FATHERDUDE has become one of the biggest up and coming vocalists and songwriters in electronic music; totaling over 10 Million plays across Soundcloud and another 4.5 Million from YouTube over the past couple of years. As the lone vocalist in the New York based HEGEMON collective, FATHERDUDE has put out so many successful collabs, to the point where he now has a catalog of vocal features with a variety of different electronic music and even hip-hop producers, as well as bunch of his own club rocking tunes. As a result, he has caught the attention of tastemakers such as Skrillex and DJ White Shadow, who have seen the potential of his versatility & talent as a vocalist.

It was around the middle of 2015 when FATHERDUDE felt it was time to release his debut EP, "Bring Us Back", featuring his first single by the same name. FATHERDUDE worked feverishly in his studio to bring out this EP, his first through imprint etcetc, who's roster includes the likes of Kilter, Paces, Set Mo and Luke Million. Equal parts electronic and chill, "Bring Us Back" delivers heartfelt honest lyrics to a spirited electronic bed of piano chords, synth beats and guitar. With elements of R&B mixed together with rock guitars and dance influence, FD presents his original sound sure to surpass his already successful feature work.

His dominance continued through till the end of 2015, with a massive collaboration with trap heavyweight San Holo in a track called "IMISSU". IMISSU is a future trap flavoured track that features FATHERDUDE signature soulful vocals on top of San Holo's cheery yet heavy trap production. Gaining over 2 million views on YouTube & over 2 million views on Soundcloud, this release added to the momentum that had been building since 2014.

After flying under the radar in the early months of 2016, earlier this month FATHERDUDE announced that there was, not only another big single on its way, in "Eyes On You", but also the release of his second EP "The Balance", that would be set to drop over the coming few months. Arguably FATHERDUDE's most exciting release to date, "Eyes On You" is a satisfying first taste of his new record, featuring his swoon-worthy energetic vocals which perfectly pair with soaring overdriven guitar solos and the dancefloor-ready "Superfuture" sound fans have come to expect from FATHERDUDE.

FATHERDUDE explains, "'Eyes On You' is an ode to the everyday 21st century voyeurism we all experience. To exist online is to expose oneself. We desire to lurk but from a distance and without repercussion while knowing exactly what its discomfort feels like."

"The Balance" EP is out now.

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