Get to Know Belgian Hitmaker Lost Frequencies

Belgian DJ and producer Lost Frequencies (aka Felix De Laet) is the man behind the biggest song in Aus right now – Are You With Me. In a matter of months this bedroom producer has risen to become one of the biggest charting artists in Europe and now Australia, even toppling some of the big name pop stars on the way. At 21 years of age and signed to the almighty Armada label, there is plenty more to come from Lost Frequencies. We caught up with the Belgian producer around the release of 'Are You With Me' and 'Reality'

Tell us a bit about yourself and your musical upbringing?

I like to listen to all kind of music, so then when I come to making my music, I can be influenced by everything I listened to. I always love it when I'm creating a track, and I just put it on replay, then I know I got something going on there!

Where does the name 'Lost Frequencies' come from?

It comes from the fact that when I created my project, I wanted to remix old tracks that people don't really listen to anymore, and make club versions of it! So take the old -lost frequencies- to bring them a new life!

Which artists are inspiring you at the moment?

I love Flume, all the way. I'm really inspired by artists releasing albums, and then even if it's not really your style, you can try to understand what they wanted to share and where they wanted to go!

Your track 'Are You With Me' has become a cult classic, and has taken the world by storm, what influenced you to create this track?

Well I was influenced by a track I heard 2 years before I produced Are You With Me, and I always wanted to make a track with just a guitar sound and bass. The track that influenced me was "One Day" remixed by Wankelmut!

Did the success of the track catch you by surprise?

Yes it did, I'd never expected it to become so huge. And it feels weird because I always think the track is doing good, but I'm always forgetting that my name is getting bigger as well, and that is a really strange feeling.

How about getting picked up by Armin Van Buuren's Armada label?

I feel blessed, I had so much support from those guys and they believed in my music since the very beginning, and now they've taken it this far. I will always be thankful for that.

You're only 21 years of age and have achieved massive chart success with 'Are You With Me'. Has the success sunken in yet or are you surprised to see your name in the charts next to the big name pop stars?

I'm always surprised! To see my name that feels so "small" amongst other names like David Guetta or Major Lazer - I don't think I will ever be used to that!

Tell us a bit about your setup; do you do most of your productions on the road, or at your studio?

I do the most on the road. I have my computer and my headset, and there you go! But of course when the track is nearly done, I go mix it in a nice studio to make it sound as good as possible!

What do your parents have to say about your music career?

They are speechless, like me, they don't really know what's going on. But they are very proud though!

What can Lost Frequencies fans expect from you in the remainder of the year?

Some new remixes and original stuff! I try to be different but in the same vibe, I like the track I've produced, so I hope my fans will too! (Still weird to say "my fans" haha)

Describe an average day in the life of Lost Frequencies…

When I wake up I always watch a manga, so I'm in a good mood! I check all my emails/social media, and then if it's the weekend, I probably fly to wherever I have to go! On the plane I work on music, or try to catch some rest. When I arrive I always try to spend a little time in the country/city where I am if I'm not too tired. Otherwise it would be a shame to travel all the time and not see anything! Usually I mix around 2am, so I will go to the club about an hour before my set, so I can hang out a bit and see what the ambiance is in the club!

If it's a weekday, then I probably spend my day in the studio, working on the music or scheduling all that's coming up. And most important of all, I always try to sleep when I can, so if you see me somewhere a bit early, there is a big chance I will be sleeping!

What do you prefer? Pizza, Burritos or Burgers?


'Beautiful Life' is out now.