Get To Know Tropical Hit Makers 'Cheat Codes'

Listen up! We're presenting you the new kids on the block, Cheat Codes, a trio based out of LA who know how to write, sing, perform and throw one hell of a party. The wolf pack of three best friends consisting of Trevor, Kevin and Matt formed just in 2014 to form the super addictive dance tracks that the world has come to notice. Bringing together a combination of pop, tropical and anthemic house, the guys have caused a stir online with their track Sex tearing up the charts. Get to know the guys behind Cheat Codes as they invade your airwaves with their summertime vibes.

Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On) is Out Now on iTunes

Hi Guys, tell us a bit about yourselves, where are you from? Who does what in the trio?

Trevor is from Portland Oregon, Kevi is from Los Angeles, and Matt is from St. Louis Missouri. Matt and Trevor moved to LA about 3 years ago and met Kevi about a year ago and started the group.
Trevor does most of the mixing/editing while we all contribute to songwriting and production in different ways. Every song is different though.

How did you guys get together to form Cheat Codes and where did you get the name from?

The group started originally with Matt and Kevi. Trevor had a solo project he was working on and we talked about collating on a couple songs, and the next thing we knew we had 10 or more Cheat Codes songs with Trevor so we kind of decided to combine the projects.

The name derives from Kevi's brother. His brother Tom was in a rock band called "Clear Static" when he was younger and they found success and toured with Duran Duran. Before the band really blew up he took Kevi aside and told him he had found the "Cheat Code" and how getting anything you want in your life is really easy if you just have fun with it and visualize everything in detail.

When the group came together we were looking for a name, and Cheat Codes seemed like the perfect fit because we really embody the idea that anything is possible. To us the real "Cheat Code" to life is loving what you do, and we hope to convey that energy through our music. When you love what you do, everything becomes easier.

You guys seem to find the balance between dance and pop music, is that what you guys are aiming to achieve?

Our main goal for the group is to affect as many people as possible in a positive way. We definitely aim to make songs universal enough to speak to any music fan from all genre's. Some of our favorite music is pop music so it's kind of hard not to make our music somewhat pop. Haha

What are your studio essentials?

We record out of our home in L.A. and we love to take breaks to play extreme horse. It's basically just horse but anything goes, standing on tables, hanging from rafters, skateboarding while shooting etc. I think it helps keep the creative energy going haha. But as far as studio stuff goes, I think it's essential we have an acoustic guitar around somewhere, so we can really feel out the song before we really go in and add all of the production.

Do you guys have any crazy pre-show rituals?

We like to watch an episode of Master Chef to help us relax :)

If you had to listen to one song 5 times every day for the rest of your life what would it be?

Um that's a really tough one, but probably Saeglopur, by Sigur Ros. I'm not saying it's our favourite song but if I have to listen to something 5 times a day, it would probably have to be super vibey chill, otherwise I would get really annoyed after a while.

What's on the agenda for the rest of the year?

We have so many songs finished that we want to put out ASAP! as well as collabs with some amazing artists, including more with Boehm! So look out for those!

Last not least, which do you prefer: Burger, Pizza or Burritos?

Kevi and Matt prefer Burgers, GrassFed Organic Burgers to be specific, but Trevor is a vegetarian so he prefers bean burritos from taco bell.

Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On) is Out Now on iTunes