Getting High With Peking Duk

Backing up an amazingly successful 2013 in which they achieved two #1 ARIA Club Chart singles in 'The Way You Are' and 'Feels Like', on top of performances at Falls Music & Arts Festival, Splendour In The Grass and most recently taking part in the Big Day Out and SXSW, the party-starting duo Peking Duk raise the bar with their brand new single 'High'!

Not much unlike their highly acclaimed and supported bootleg remix of 'Take A Walk' by Passion Pit (which reached the top of The Hype Machine charts in mid-2012) the boys hark back to a more down-tempo electronic groove, melding organic elements with epic sound-scapes and building energy. Featuring the lyrically deep and emotive vocals of Sydney’s Nicole Millar (most notably also vocalising Cosmo’s Midnight’s 'Phantasm'), 'High' has been road-tested at every BDO set to a MASSIVE crowd response.

With Peking Duk’s hold on the Australian club and festival circuit now firmly in their grasp, as well as high-profile support and studio collaborations with the likes of Laidback Luke, 360, Daniel Merriweather, Styalz Fuego and Bluejuice, their sights are now set on the world stage... and 'High' is sure to help take them there.

1. Your awesome new single ‘High’ is climbing radio and singles charts here in Oz – tell us more about this record…
It was a really fun experience writing High. It started as a 128bpm banger then I decided to slow it down a bit and make it a tad more sexy and atmospheric but still tried to keep that driving fun vibe that it had. Once the beat was there we got in touch with the lovely Nicole Millar and we linked up in the studio and got all the vocals down in one day.

2. You’re currently on tour of the USA! How is it going so far?
The USA is too fun. It seems there's a lot of love for australians over here too which works well for us! We just played a few shows around SXSW and one in LA which were really well received. We're now on our way around the country to do a bunch more shows and try to get people as sweaty as we do during our set. We couldn't be more excited.

3. What’s the biggest tour highlight to date?
We've had a few memorable moments on a few tours but as of late the whole Big Day Out tour was amazing. All the artists on the tour had such a fun time. It was like one massive party at each city. Having Mac Miller on one side of you drinking whisky from the bottle and Snoop Dogg on the other puffing on a blunt bopping his head whilst one of the Major Lazer dancers twerks on you is quite a surreal experience.

4. Are you missing any home comforts yet?
Not really. Living on the road is fun. Constantly changing scenery and setting feels a bit out of the comfort zone of staying in the one place all the time which I think is good for the mind and exciting

5. So how did you both get into music in the first place?
My dad used to play a lot of Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones in the house when I was growing up which led to me learning to play the guitar. From there I got in to everything from metal to old boom bap hip hop. Then I started rapping with a few dudes in Canberra and worked on a couple of beats before hearing some dance music that we (Reuben & I) couldn't get enough of. We both began trying to create fidget house type beats all day and night and kept at it and now we're obsessed with trying to make all kinds of music.

6. What was the first CD you ever bought?
Dr Dre 2001.

7. If you had to pick between the studio or touring, which would you go for?
In order to tour you need to hit the studio so they both go hand in hand. Studio is good when you feel like relaxing and you feel inspired creatively. Touring is good for when you want to get wild and have a party. Both are good fun in their own way.

8. What advice do you have for upcoming artists?
Don't follow trends. Make music that makes you happy and keep at it.

9. Do you think social media is an important tool for artists today?
Definitely. A lot of people think it doesn't matter but these days you have to keep up with the times and use it to your advantage. I think social media is a great thing when used the right way. Diplo has it on lock. That's the way to do it.. don't take it too seriously and have some fun with it.

10. And finally, what message do you have for your Aussie fans back home?

Love your work. Download 'High' on iTunes now.