Harping On About Ibiza

If we had a euro for every time some sayer of doom said Ibiza was so over, well, we might actually be able to afford to go there and never come back. Contrary to nay-sayers, and maybe even perhaps in response to them, Ibiza just continues to rock minds and deliver awesome holidays replete with parties, music, seafood, sunshine and of course, friends.

THIS year, however, is the first summer there’ll be an actual instrument constructed into Ibiza Town - a big harp with strings that reach form the castle monastery to the top of El Devino. If this was anywhere other than Ibiza you’d probably call a giant harp strange and excessive, but in the white isle that's actually quite appropriate.

The main event involving the harp is called MASS Planet String and will mix electro house vibes, stage shows and circus acts. The big instruments are designed by William Close.

More crazy info at Planet String.