High Def Ga Ga

Thanks to YouTube ya’ll can now enjoy your MoS-related (and other) music (or whatever) video clips in HD. The Tube of You has now implemented the ability to watch vids in high def – there’s a little link at the bottom of the video on the right hand side that says, appropriately 'view in high quality'. This feature is only available provided the video was uploaded in the correct format to start with. Like, obviously.

For just a taste of what’s to come, here's link to Lady Ga Ga's 'Poker Face'. LGG is, of course, one of Universal Music’s artists, and Universal is like MoS’s mum and dad, so feel free to watch the vid then buy some of her tracks if you haven’t already. Clicky linky and sit back to enjoy the lovely high defness.

Take me to the HD Poker Face this minute, please.

And please also show me where YouTube's DH music section is as I couldn't be bothered looking for it myself.