Interview: Alle Farben

For someone who has been on the circuit for 5 years, no other house artist has created such a loyal cult following like Alle Farben has. Frans Zimmer's (Alle Farben) style of production can be described by his own name, which translates from German to All Colours. The German born DJ and Producer has made waves over the past few years with a ton of remixes and a debut album that featured the hit song She Moves (Far Away), which blew him onto festival stages around the world. Since then, Alle Farben has released his latest single Get High, and a collaboration with Anna Naklab & YOUNOTUSSupergirl, which topped the charts in Germany and Austria. We caught up with Alle Farben during his crazy touring schedule to celebrate the release of Supergirl in Australia.

Hi Frans, thanks for taking the time out to chat with us. Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you get into DJing and music production?
AF: I was always passionate about music. When I was 18, I found some house-vinyls in our hallway, got myself a record player and this is how I started DJing and, a little later, producing.

Your name translates to the term 'All Colours', how did you come up with the name? What does it mean to you?
AF: I love art. I've always been into it and actually wanted to study it. Inspired by one of my favorite artists, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, my previous name was Hundert Farben but I changed it to Alle Farben because it reflects my music in a very accurate way. My sound is very happy, positive and diversified.

You recently teamed up with Anna Naklab and YOUNOTUS on 'Supergirl', how did that track come about?
AF: The idea came from Anna and I'm very happy that she asked me to join the Supergirl-trio.

What is it like working with Anna Naklab?
AF: Very professional and uncomplicated!

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You played at Tomorrowland festival in Belgium, what was the best thing about the festival?
AF: Just the whole atmosphere. Those people waited a year for the festival to happen and then they brought all their energy and created such great vibes. It was stunning!

What is your most essential item at a festival?
AF: A towel!

What is your favourite track at the moment?
AF: Lane 8 - Loving You feat. Lulu James (Solee Remix)

What's coming up next Alle Farben?
AF: A new album is coming….

Supergirl is out now on iTunes.