Interview: Anna Naklab - The Voice Behind The Summer Hit 'Wicked Games'

You may have not heard the name or seen the face, but you've definitely heard the voice. Anna Naklab was the vocalist behind one of the Summer's biggest hits Wicked Games from Parra For Cuva , which dominated the charts in over 6 countries around the world. There is many mystery surrounding Anna Naklab due to her almost-hidden identity, in which she references in her latest song with the quote "Do you have any superpowers? - Yes, I can make myself invisible". Teaming up with fellow Germans Alle Farben & Younotus, Anna Naklab is back with her latest track Supergirl. Based on the original version from German rock band Reamonn, Anna Naklab takes Supergirl to new heights with her amazing European vocal style. Although Anna remains relatively hidden, she is continuing to establish herself as one of the biggest house music vocalists in the world.

Anna Naklab recently shared her Top 10 Female Vocalists with us featuring inspirations such as Robyn, Florence Welch and Romy from The xx.

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hi, I am Anna, 21, from Germany.

How did you get into singing and songwriting?
Sometimes I have the feeling that I started talking just in order to sing. Or was I able to sing before I was able to talk? I don't know. At the age of 13 I started to play the guitar and wrote my first songs. At this time I have never thought about making money with it, it was just fun.

There is a lot of mystery about you as you are yet to have many official press photos. Is there a reason behind the mystery?
Of course there is, but I wouldn't be mysterious if I'd tell you right?

You recently worked with Parra for Cuva on the house hit Wicked Games, how did you link up with him?
We grew up together in the same neighborhood so we're basically making music together since we were teenagers.

Were you surprised by the positive reaction you received from around the globe with Wicked Games?
Of course we were! Nicolas and I recorded the song in his basement . We didn't expect such a success, it was (and still is) a big surprise.

The lyrics from your latest track 'Supergirl' are taken from a song by German rock band Reamonn. What is it that is so special about that song, that you decided to cover it?
I think this song is worth getting attention again. Whenever I listen to the original, it gives me strength and lightness at the same time. I hope some people rediscover the song and feel it the same way as I do.

What was it like working with Alle Farben & YOUNOTUS?
Before Supergirl, I've already worked with the guys from YOUNOTUS and it's always a pleasure. Both of them are very relaxed, I like them a lot.

Which artists are inspiring you lyrically?
I pay less attention to the lyrics of a song, it's more about the feeling I get. When I write songs, I always try to express those feelings in my lines.

What's next for Anna Naklab?
Soon, the YOUNOTUS-boys and I will release a great new track (my favorite one so far, so you can be excited)