Interview: Chardy

2015 has been a stand out year for Chardy, with his massive collaboration Hipsta, with Timmy Trumpet hitting #1 on the ARIA club charts, as well as non-stop touring including a run at Future Music Festival this year. Things don't seem to be slowing down for the Melbournian with Chardy given the honors of mixing CD1 of the latest Bounce Sessions Vol. 2 compilation, as well as joining JDG along the nationwide tour. We caught up with Chardy for a chat ahead of the release of Bounce Sessions Vol. 2.

Hipsta is your latest collaboration with Timmy Trumpet, How did that track come about?

Hipsta was a record I'd been working on for a while actually but I just couldn't nail it! So I showed Timmy and he knew straight away what to do melody wise.. His ears are like key radar's, it's amazing!

You and Timmy Trumpet have worked and released a few tracks together for quite some time, Tell us about the bond that you guys have?

Its a pretty cool bond we have actually. We don't always agree on stuff though, especially 'Melbournia', we were ready to kill each other haha. Timmy is always trying new stuff and sometimes its weird or different but it works out really well and it's really fresh!

The whole bounce scene seems pretty tight, do you guys shoot tracks between each other for opinions before you release it?

Yep Totally! Reece Low is always sending me stuff to suss out and we all help each other with mix down tips & so on! He's a legend!

Do you think being close friends with other bounce artists has helped develop the scene, especially on the international front?

Yes definitely! Most of the major producers in Aus, such as Reece Low, Will Sparks, J-Trick, Uberjak'd, Joel Fletcher etc. are a very tight crew and work together on heaps of stuff! Because we all work together and support each other, it's given us all that extra push in every aspect I can think of, which makes us artists.

What music inspires you most?

Tech House I can listen to for days and just love the way that stuff coming from Germany is so well keyed and warm! Really hard to nail that!

What is your favourite MOS compilation?

That's a hard question they have all been amazing but I think for me, it would have to be the Electro House Sessions with Ember and myself! It was a real honour to be working with him and the guy definitely knows how to party on tour! I would definitely hit the road again with him!

What would you be doing if you weren't a DJ/Producer?

Surfing every day!!!!

What can we expect from your for the rest of the year?

Well I've got heaps of collabs in the works: Reece Low, Krunk, Dimatik, Komes! So I've been working hard on them! I've also got the 'Bounce Sessions' tour with JDG coming up, so I'm really excited to start touring for that!

Are there any secret weapons on the compilation that is your 'go to' track?

I think 'Le Disco' by Henry Fong is pretty cool! Disco influenced Bounce.

You and JDG are about to take on a massive club tour for Bounce Sessions. Have you guys toured together before? Who do you think is going to be the party animal on tour?

We've never toured together!

Well I've heard that JDG can get pretty loose, so I'm definitely going to give him a run for his money! I definitely have to increase my hospitality rider for this tour!