Interview: DJ Femme

Having been grinding through years of DJing and Production, DJ Femme is no newcomer to the EDM scene. With national and International tours, releases and multiple compilation mixes under her belt, you can assume her next frontier is world domination. Get to know the pink-haired party princess as she mixes the On The Download August/September compilation for Ministry of Sound.

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First off, tell us a bit about yourself?
I'm a newly pinked haired femmebot that resides in Melb. I'm a nerd during the week that turns bipolar on the weekend. In my younger years I studied music, played the flute and was in a rock band. My dad was also a DJ in his younger years in the UK. (True story). I was also born a red head, hence the craziness lol.

How long have you been DJing and Producing for?
I've been DJing for 7 years this year and producing for the last four.

What are you hobbies outside of DJing/Producing?
I like playing board games, reading books, being outdoors, drinking coffee and surrounding myself with amazing humans. I also donate some time to helping the homeless which is something I'm passionate about. I spend alot of time helping others and giving back to people where I can. I grew up in a tough area so its taught me to appreciate the basic necessities in life and importance of helping others.

Which artists are inspiring you the most right now?
My influences have always been electro based- Mighty fools, Quintino, Bassjackers, Blasterjaxx, Rehab, Carnage, Botnek, Chuckie..... I love all styles of music but my passion and inspiration for my music style will always be driven by banging main room electro. I'm an electro baby through and through.

While you're a frequently flyer around the country, you have also played a fair few international shows in the USA, Brazil and Ibiza, tell us what has been one of your most memorable shows? What has been your favourite venue to play at?
= My favourite venue in Australia is HQ Adelaide. It's a kick arse festival like night that has the best team behind it and a rocking crowd. My favourite overseas gig and probably favourite gig of all time would have to be sky garden Bali..... Pretty sure I've finished a set and stood on the booth and nearly cried, I was so moved by it. The music you can play in that venue is beyond incredible, It has room for more musical freedom than the clubs here in Australia.

Bring The Noise with G-Wizard is your latest track, what was it like working with him?
If you don't know this man you need too. G-wizard is one of the most incredible humans to grace this earth. He is inspiring, talented, hard working, dedicated, loyal and honest. We are both as crazy and nutty as each other so we work well together because we understand each other...We both have strong ideas but we know where to draw the line so we don't fight in the studio. Plus George puts me back in my place when I need it ha.. We have worked together a lot in the past but Bring The Noise was the first track that came together that we released.

Have you been working with anyone else recently? Are there any new tracks on the horizon?
I've just finished some new records that I'm finalising vocals on at the moemnt. I've been mainly working on my own stuff but I am still also doing work with a few other guys around the country. I work tightly with Fresh Fm too in Adelaide, which is largest community dance radio station in the country. I do fortnightly radio slots and mixes and regular guest host slots for the station. Radio is a passion of mine and I've worked with stations since i was 17 years old prior to DJing.

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You've recently been asked to mix the On The Download compilation, how did that go down?
The A&R great man Chris Fraser asked if I wanted to be involved..... I did a few skipping laps of my apartment in happiness. It's a sick comp tracklist, mainly house so it was different for me as I'm an electro baby...... But putting it together was fun..... There was loads of BPM variations so mixing it was tad more creative than my usual radio stuff. But the mix is super sick and my neighbours really love it:) It was a proud moment. I'm very grateful to be blessed with being aligned with the Ministry of Sound brand. Really has been the biggest dream of mine and something i hold close to my heart. So support the comp and go Buy it!

What is your favourite MoS Compilation?
Hands down the 2003 Annual..... It was a great time in music. Artists like Groove Armada, Ferry Corsten, Iio, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Dirty Vegas, Felix Da House Cat, Cassius..... I still have this CD comp and it's scratched to death but still pumps in my car loud.

What would be on your dream tour rider?
I'd love a green room filled with old school video games, skill testers, a massive pink trampoline, giant stuffed teddy bears and endless candy machines. Almost like a mini funfair park theme. Add to that a tequila frozen drink machine free pour:)

Lastly with reasoning, which do you prefer; Burger, Pizza or Burrito?
Pizza..... It's naughty, you cant have it everyday...and we all know it's bad for us.. And that in itself makes it the most appealing :) HA. Sums up the theory of life really.

On The Download August/September is out now on iTunes