Interview: Have You Met LA’s Very Own Dr. Fresch

Australia, have you met Dr. Fresch? Since bursting on the scene in 2012 with heavily supported remixes on Dim Mak Records, Big Mamas House Records and Prep School Recordings, the 24 year old has built a cult-like following with his own brand of trap infused bass house. The last 12- months has seen Dr. Fresch rise from local LA talent to international DJ, rocking festivals around the globe and overall taking over his home town of LA. While he may ben establishing himself on Australian shores with his new remix of 'Push' and upcoming Australian tour, the internet has well and truly caught hold of him with a series of Hype Machine charting tracks, with millions of streams on SoundCloud and Youtube. While he is embarking on his Australian tour to support his new remix of the collaboration between Kronic, Far East Movement and Savage, we caught up with Tony 'Dr.' Fresch to talk about the track, the LA scene, visiting Australia and music production.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Tony Fresch, I produce and DJ under "Dr. Fresch". I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I'm 24 years old, and have been playing and performing music since I was seven. I started producing electronic music in 2008, moved to Los Angeles in 2009, spent the following four years spinning open format sets at Hollywood clubs and college parties, then in 2012 launched my production career with Dr. Fresch and founded a record label called Prep School Recordings.

If you were telling someone about your music, how would you describe it to them?

My style brings together elements of Bass House, Ghetto House, Future House, and Trap to create a style something close to a 'future house party'. My brand extends across different genres and tempos, but is identified through a heavy influence of hip-hop and my bassline sound design.

You're currently based in LA. What's the scene like right now in LA, or the US for that matter?

I am! On a macro level the scene is LA is giant due to the amount of the music industry that is based here, but on a micro level the scene is an incredible exciting and especially opportune place to be as a new, rising or mid-level producer because of the community environment that the young electronic music population is fostering. The amount of support and passion that producers, young people in the industry, and lovers of the music have for each other in phenomenal – the way the community supports its artists through the amount of small scale, weekly and monthly club nights and events make LA the ideal place in America to build a career in the industry. The same goes for a lot of other markets in the US too! I have definitely experienced the sense of community we have here in Los Angeles in cities such as Chicago, New York, and Denver as well. It's a good time to make music, shake hands and build a career here!

Your remix of the thumping collaboration between Kronic, Far East Movement and Savage is destroying Australia right now. What goes into your thought process when taking on a remix?

Thank you! I was really, really excited to take on the opportunity of remixing "Push". The second I heard the original I formed a cohesive remix concept in my head. I loved how the original incorporated both Hip Hop and EDM equally, and wanted to maintain that balance in my remix as well, but injecting the vocals into my world and putting into the context of "Dr. Fresch". My goal with this remix was to build both a new Hip Hop beat, and driving Bass House drop, and tie those two sections together with the vocals. Really pumped on this release!

Speaking of Australia, you're heading here really soon. Have you been here before? What are you looking forward to the most?

This will be my first time visiting or playing in Australia! I'm incredibly excited for this tour, I've wanted to visit Australia and explore the country's scene for years, and am blessed to be able to make this visit happen through a nationwide tour. I'm definitely most excited by the fact that I'll get to play in the majority of Australia's major markets, and get to experience, compare and contrast the different scenes – it'll be a lot to digest in 10 days, but totally worth it!

Tell us about one of your most memorable experiences at a gig, whether it be performing live, or as a punter.

The last year has given me a handful of incredible memories, but Coachella and EDC Las Vegas definitely stand out for me right now. At both festivals I had the opportunity to play in front of several thousand people and was able to play a set completely representative of my style – it's an amazing feeling to be able to do this at such large scale shows after DJing for about seven years now.

Which artists are inspiring you right now?

I'm hugely inspired by young artists in the scene as well as some of my friends and colleagues in the scene, and here in LA; Ghastly, Jackal, Jauz, NGHTMRE, Wax Motif, AC Slater, and others. In addition to my network I definitely consider Flume and What So Not (both with and without Flume) to be giant influence on my work in the last few years – with Flume, his ability to build a brand with a wide range of sounds connected through emotion, and What So Not – their (now Emoh's) ability to reach the same demographic many in the Trap / Bass world connect with, but through a revolutionary and inventive sound. I definitely aspire to accomplish what Flume / WSN have with my style this year, next, and throughout my career.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Right now my listening floats between Hip-Hop and Electronic mostly. I'm constantly listening to and digesting new tracks to play, but also listen to a lot of Atlanta Hip Hop and classic Southern Trap – more for the production than the lyric content really, I'm trying to find elements that Southern Hip Hop producers use in that world, and bring them into the electronic music world.

What is your one piece of hardware/software that is the 'go –to' tool for your productions?

The vast majority of instruments used in my productions is digital; my favorite synthesizers are Spire and Serum. I mix and master all of my own work, and my go-to tools for mixing and mastering would be O-Zone's entire collection of plugins.

What does the future hold for Dr. Fresch? How do you want to see yourself evolving over the next few years?

The future is bright! I have a LOT of collaborations and solo original projects that are finished or near final right now – those include two songs with Ghastly, one with Mija, one with Jackal, a few solo Dr. Fresch songs, and I'll also be getting into the studio soon with Drezo and Wax Motif – 2016 is going to be huge!

Lastly, Pizza, Burger or Burrito?

I'm a large person, love all three – but burgers without a doubt – fast food or crafted I love red meat, and anything with bacon.