Duke Dumont "The Live Show Makes Me Excited To Record Music"

If after the last two years, you are still unfamilliar with the work of the UK based producer, 2015 will definitely be the year of Duke Dumont. The UK house maestro has taken it to the next level with the debut of his new live show at Coachella and a brand new EP, which is due out in the coming months. And with the recent release of Ocean Drive and The Giver (Reprise), Adam Dyment (Duke Dumont) has given his fans (old & new) something to cheer about, including some outstanding remixes from funk specialist Mark Ronson, and Australia's very own Wave Racer.

Earlier in the year Duke Dumont shared with us his top 10 club tracks of the month, and we had a chat with the Englishman.

Hi Adam, Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us today. Is it true that you use to be a ringtone developer? Tell us about that? Has that experience influenced you in your music production today?

Yes it's true... My old boss who fired me made a lot of money whilst I was on minimum wage. It was an awful job, and had no influence on my music I make today. But it inspired me to work hard at what I love… A career in ringtones was certainly not that.

You are on the verge of releasing your debut album, how did the production come along?

On the whole, a lot of the ideas for the songs had been in work for a few years, but it wasn't until the last year that they were fully developed. I am genuinely excited for the release of the album and I couldn't have worked harder on this record, it was a labour of love. I've set out what I intended to do with this record, which was to make a musically strong album.

You've given one of your biggest breakout tracks The Giver a refreshing reprise with the addition of some spectacular vocals, how did that decision come about? Has it been one of those tracks that you believe has a lot more to give?

I wanted to bring attention to The Giver on a larger level, than its previous form, which meant structuring it to be relevant on radio, whilst keeping the integrity of the original. I also want it to fit onto my album, so bringing a bit more musicality to it, helps it feel organic to the album.

You premiered your live show at Coachella this year, why did you make the decision to turn your performance into a live show?

Its always something I set out to do. With the album in place, it's an organic transition. I am finally happy with my live show.. It's taken a long time and 50,000 people in attendance at Coachella was a high point. The live show genuinely makes me excited to record music, It used to be other DJs playing my music, now it is how well it fits into my show, and triggers emotion in people.

Your memorable music videos have also become a Duke Dumont trademark, what role do you play in the creative side of them?

Other than deciding on which video to go with, and sometimes some work editing the video, not too much though. I prefer to concentrate on what I'm creatively good at, and let other people concentrate on what they are good at.

Where were you when you found out that Need U (100%) had been nominated for a Grammy, and how did you feel when you found out you were nominated?

I found out I was nominated around 4am in the morning whilst at home, it was a very surreal moment to be considered for such award. For I Got U, I found out I was nominated whilst I was touring Australia in December 2014.

What is your recording process like? With such a broad spectrum of underground and crossover house tracks, do you set out to record a specific style of track or does everything come naturally?

I tend to work hard and spend a lot of time on the sound production side of things. I prefer to focus on the sounds I use. It's only then when it gets to writing & performing vocals, and arranging the song, does it start to form.

We're pretty far from London, do you enjoying coming to Australia?

Yes, absolutely. I'll probably end up living on a beach somewhere in Australia, or California one day.

What is your favourite album of all time?

Hmmm that's tough, it definitely depends on what mood I'm in. I tend to re-visit 'Daft Punk - Discovery ' once a year, and hear something in it, I've never heard before . Growing up I would listen to 'Stevie Wonder-Talking Book' constantly.

In your interview with Triple J, you gave props to upcoming Australian producers. Are there any Australian producers you're loving at the moment?

Wave Racer is my favourite :)

And most importantly, Pizza, Burgers or Burritos?

All the above.

Duke Dumont's Ocean Drive is out now on iTunes. You can also catch him premiering his live show in Australia for Stereosonic later this year.