The instrumental of ‘Tsunami (Jump)’ already hit #1 across Europe and on Beatport, clocked up 30 million collective YouTube views, over 800,000 Soundcloud plays, and received repeat UK radio support from Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, Pete Tong, Diplo, Danny Howard, Greg James and Annie Nightingale, as well as being the most played song at Tomorrowland and Future Music Festival.

The next edition featuring UK badman Tinie Tempah hit the #1 spot on the iTunes Singles Chart in the UK and is on non-stop radio play! We spoke to DVBBS and Borgeous about how they're enjoying their seismic success.

Tsunami has already charted worldwide on iTunes, as well as on main singles charts in the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Canada and Germany – Australia is up next! What message do you have for your fans here in Oz?
DVBBS: Never stop the f*cking rave!!! Spread the love yall!
Borgeous: Would like to thank everyone for the love and support on this record and all my other songs as well. I'm looking forward to playing Tsunami at my shows over there in May!!

Actually your “Never Stop The F*cking Rave” and "Invincible" tours look pretty fucking epic! How have they been so far?
DVBBS: Yeah, it’s been totally insane man, so many awesome memories, new friends and woozy gang members. What a fucking experience, unreal haha!
Borgeous: It's been really cool so far an amazing experience to travel the world and meet so many different people and see different things and meet my fans all over the world.

What home comfort do you miss most when you’re on tour?
DVBBS: When it comes to our current home in LA we gotta say we miss the beachlife and the best fattest blunts haha, and our studio at our home.
Borgeous: My bed haha

How did you get into production and DJ’ing?
DVBBS: We were musicians for quite a long time, we are very open minded when it comes to music, got love for lots of different genres. We started remixing our own rock tracks into some cool tunes and released an EP in 2012, it was like an experiment for us. But from that moment on we were developing more towards the dance sound, and started producing and DJing more. Yeah, and then ‘Tsunami’ happened! ;-)
Borgeous: I always messed around with producing when I was younger but did more urban beats then fell in love with the EDM scene and started working on that and then started deejaying in Los Angeles a lot where I live.

What are some of your favourite tracks to play out at the moment?
DVBBS: ‘This is Dirty’, ‘Goldskies’, ‘Tremor’.
Borgeous: Hate to say it but my track Invincible I love to see and hear everyone sing along to it it's an amazing feeling. Dimitri Vegas Martin Garrix Like Mike - Tremor - and Showtek - We Like To Party.

If you had to pick between the studio or touring, which would you go for?
DVBBS: Oh man, that’s too hard! Really don’t know, possibly we would choose touring, cause of all the rare moments and awesome people we meet. We just can’t stop teaching raveology all over the world.
Borgeous: Well one can't exist without the other unfortunately but touring because I love playing music and creating energy at all my shows

What advice do you have for upcoming artists?
DVBBS: Never stop experimenting and producing, try to trigger your creativity. Don’t be afraid to take risks, stay positive and find yourself!
Borgeous: Stay focused, believe in yourself, take constructive criticism without getting angry but also with knowing what vision you have for yourself and ignore and block out all hate.

We couldn’t help but notice how awesome and engaging your Facebook pages are! What social media tips do you have for upcoming artists?
DVBBS: Hahah thanks! We love to communicate with our followers, try to start conversations and interactions. Make some fuckin' fun, that’s most important to have a cool social-media game.

And finally, give us Aussies 3 reasons why we should pay Canada a visit!
DVBBS: Canada is WOOZY as fuck! Canadians really really understand how to rave! Besides that Canada is just fuckin beautiful, you will def fall in love with it right away.

You can download 'Tsunami (Jump)' here.